Personal Safety & Security

Basic Security Awareness


This training is specifically designed to provide knowledge on how to enhance security awareness both at home and at work.

From small security concerns in and around the house to possible threats at the workplace, this training will guide the participants how to deal with them accurately.

The training is very interactive and practical, and the presentation included in these sessions will help you build an understanding, and act on day-to-day security concerns that might appear as a normal daily situation.

The Personal safety & security training includes, but is not limited to;

  • Spotting possible threats

  • Personal Security

  • Domestic Security

  • Carjacking prevention

Target: All staff members of an organisation,

Duration: 3 hours

Domestic Staff Basic Security Awareness


This course is designed to address the security threats that are that may occur within the household focusing on areas such as domestic security, fire awareness, first aid, personal security and security for the children.

The course is targeted at domestic assistants who carry out domestic chores and provide basic care for children. The course effectively empowers them to detect and take action on security red flags as well as effectively counter any security related situations that arise within the household.

This course is suitable for, but not limited to:

  • Cooks

  • Nannies

  • Housekeepers

  • Drivers

  • Gardeners

Duration: 4 hours

Security Awareness for Expatriates


This training is designed to provide knowledge on how to enhance security consciousness for expatriates during their stay in the country. It educates the expatriates to the security status in Kenya and the region, and more specifically for their area of operation.

The training is very interactive, practical, and educates expatriates on people’s behaviours, values and habits in the destination country.

Topics covered in this training area are, amongst others:

  • Current security status of Kenya

  • Current issues and concerns

  • Basic security awareness

  • Domestic safety & security

Target: Expatriates

Duration: 3 hours

Hostile Environment Awareness


KK security’s Hostile Environment Awareness Training (HEAT) aims at delivering essential skills to recognise and avoid potential threats to their safety and learn the essential skills that will allow them to respond to incidents, should they occur.

This course will benefit groups and individuals who wish to conduct business or travel in complex, hostile or remote areas face risks on a daily basis, many of which can be life threatening.

Our hostile environment awareness training (HEAT) combines both theoretical and practical elements and are delivered competent professionals in our company.

This course includes:

  • Global threats and recent incidents

  • Security and situation awareness

  • Surveillance detection and evasion

  • Cultural awareness

  • Abduction, kidnap and ransom avoidance

  • Car-jacking and vehicle security

Target: Foreign missions, NGO’s, corporate, media, oil & gas organisations, government organisations and others.

Duration: 4 Hours