Cash Processing - Malawi & Tanzania

Cash Confirmation & Banking

Our Cash Management expertise provides our clients with a peace of mind as we offer convenient, secure and timely services such as;

  • Counting, confirming and acknowledging amount received from customer.

  • Depositing cash on behalf of a customer at designated bank branch or KK Cash Centre.

  • Delivering the slips/information to the Bank for appropriate credit to client account.

Cheque Cashing

We can help you process your cheques faster and more economically than anyone else in the market. To take the burden of encashing cheques, we provide cash management solutions and operate with highly trained agents. 

Popular with NGOs and offices handling cash regularly and in bulk our services reduces risk to your staff, enhancing staff security and productivity.

Our services include:

  • Collection of cheques from clients' premises and delivery to the designated bank branch.

  • Cheque encashment by nominated KK Security agent and cash delivered to clients' premises.

Payroll Services

We provide you the convenience of making payments to your staff in a secure manner within the company premises. This tailored service saves time and is cost effective where there is a large number of staff.

Our payroll team can receive funds from the client and manage payroll distribution on behalf of our client to their staff. Our cash centre package the wages into individual wage envelopes and hold pay parades at the client’s premises to issue and sign off wages with staff. This is concluded with a final reconciliation of accounts with management.

Event Ticketing and Payment Collection Services

We provide offer our customers the convenience of handling the payments by their patrons during events such as sport events, concerts, expos, trade fairs, church fundraisers and any other scenarios that need event ticket management. These payments are then reconciled and securely deposited at the bank or alternate location as advised.

If you would like to learn more about Cash Management Solutions from KK Security, contact us today.